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THM5660 is a high precision, high efficienct CNC machine tool, which usually is equipped in flexibile maunfacturing systems (FMS).The machine integrates conventional maching steps. It can continuously-automatically finish drilling, milling, boring,reaming and tapping, etc. in one setup. It not only has excellent university and high productivity but also can machine the
complexe parts which can not done by general-purpose machines, especially suitable for machining complex 3D curred die, cam, plate-, disk-type parts and casings with high precision holes in large batch or mid-small batch process.
The spindle is supported by high precision bearing NSK of Japan, and drived by AC spindle motor via 2-stage redusing gear.The spindle system features the wide range of rotating speed, great output torque and high transmitting efficiency.
X, Y, Z--- three coordinates employ Japanese THK linear guidways, which not only ensures high positioning accuracy and keeps it for a long time, but also achieves frequent start/stop reciprocal movement, and saves energy greatly.
A temperature controlling regulator is attached to the machine for controlling the oil temperature, lubricating and cooling the spindle, exact dominating the difference in temperature of oil and environment, which makes the machine running under the condition of minimum thermo deformatiom, and ensures high accuracy of the machine.
This machine employs MITSUBISHI MELDAS M50M CNC system, which features reliable and easy operating and high efficiency, and has a function of machining 3D curved surface.
Functional parts may be selected by customer according to thier requirments so as to form the optimum combination of the machine, for exemple, setting 4th axis and tyiggered-type probe, etc.

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