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Moderute droplets and irrigation flow rate prevent water run-off.
New engineering plastic results in solidity and durability.
Accurate designing and precision manufacturing ensureuniform water distrbution .
Small droplets prevent soil from beng hardened and cells on leaf surfaces from being damaged.
The components are easily interchangeable
Easy installation and suitable for upside-down assembly.

Ideal for low irrigation flow rate in vegetables, fruit trees ,green-houses and garden irrigation .
Cooling and frost protection.
Dustproof in factories .

Nozzle diameter: ∮0.8, 1.3, 2.3mm
Nominal flow rate: 34, 54, 135L/h
Nominal pressure : 200Kpa
Working pressure range: 150—350Kpa
Models and types :
Micro-jet (atomizing water)
Mini-sprindler with big diameter spinner
Mini-sprinkler with small diameter spinner.

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