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VTM180/5 is a newly developed roach ining center which is built with advancea design and manufacturing technology from German. With the modular architecture, a new machine with different model can be quickly constructed on the base machine according to the customer's require-ments.
This machine features compact structure, excellent rigidity, powerful process application and high efficiency, with complexity of different machining procedure (turning, milling, boring, and grinding) All kinds of mefal and alloy work-piece can be machined in one setup, milling, boring, drilling, tapping and threading can be performed on this machine besides turning surface, internall external cylindrical surface, step, kinds of rotational surfaces, Meanwhile, grinding process can be carried on this machine when a grinding attachment head is equipped on it. This machine is designec with 4-axis simultaneous motion funotion it a universal swing milling head (A.) is equipped, 5-axis simultaneous motion will be carried out This kind of machine is widely used in power generating industry (generator, water turbines, steam-gas turbines) military (eomrnunioations and transporta-tion, aviation, aerospace), as well as machine tool industry (bear, water pipe metallurgy).
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