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YK7232A is a kind of precision worm gear grinding machine with good universality and efficiency used for grinding tooth flanks of standard gears or dressed cylindrical involute gears, especially for the precision grinding of the middle-sized-module and harden gears adopted in aircraft, automobile, machine tool, motorcycle, textile machinery, gear box and all kind of driving devices in batch.  
The phase-locking servo drive system is used to replace the original gear drive devices for the gear indexing drive chain and differential drive chain, which improve the grinding accuracy and reduce the waves on the ground tooth flanks. The variable radial feed of wheel is realized by numeric feed-in system which improves the machine efficiency greatly.
The movement of the workpiece slide is controlled by proportional valve with grating scale feedback function, and different speed can be set for every travel. The evenness of the grinding allowances on two flanks of each tooth can be displayed, and the allowance can be made even with a button.
Diamond roller is used for the wheel dressing.
This machine is equipped with lead crowning device for grinding gears with lead crowning, and gears with modified tooth profile can be ground after the wheel is dressed with special diamond roller. Manual and automatic grinding cycle selection is available. During the automatic grinding cycle, workpiece can be clamped, unclamped and shifted across the grinding wheel repeatedly so as to guarantee the accuracy and uniform quality of workpiece in one batch.
The workpiece parameters and processing parameters are input via the touch-type keyboard and displayed in Chinese on the CRT, and all kinds of processing parameters can be stored in the computer.
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