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YK7220 CNC Worm Wheel Gear Grinding Machine adopts continuous generating grinding principle. The electric gear box (EGB) transmission makes the machine feature high efficiency and high accuracy. The machine is suitable for grinding gear in batches.
Main functions:
1.     Electric gear box (EGB)   Electric gear box (EGB) of CNC system can realize parameters linkage between grinding wheel rotation axis, workpiece rotation axis, workpiece axial feed axis and workpiece tangential feed axis, satisfy the requirements of the gear indexing drive and differential drive when machining the gear, and accomplish grinding spur gear and helical gear.
2.     Continuous shift grinding   The same as continuous dressing of grinding wheel, the contact track of grinding wheel surface is renewed continuously and always keeps new dressed surface during grinding, which raises grinding efficiency.
3.     Profile and longitudinal modification   According to the needs of customers, we can make special diamond wheels for dressing profile, longitudinal modification is realized by CNC system controlling simultaneous workpiece radial feed axis and workpiece axial feed axis movement, thereby, all kinds of longitudinal profile may be obtained.
4.     Human-machine interface   The special human-machine interface developed according to the working characteristic of Worm Wheel Gear Grinding Machine can simplify the programming only need entering workpiece parameter and relevant technology parameters, and make diagnoses to the normal troubles.
5.     Automatic grinding cycle   Selection of manual and automatic grinding cycle is available for use. The manual grinding cycle is suitable for grinding single gear part, clamping and loosing of workpiece clamping head and stopping of grinding wheel feed can be intervened in by man. The automatic grinding cycle is suitable for grinding gear part in batches, wide grinding wheel and tangential shift movement ensure the grinding accuracy and uniformity of one batch of workpieces.
Main features:
1. Fully digital CNC system, driving system and high accuracy grating detection elements
The machine adopts fully digital Num Power 1050 system and Num HP servo driving system, communication between the systems is realized by using high-speed digital bus unit. The whole system has characteristic of high frequency response and capability of anti-jamming. The grinding wheel rotation axis and workpiece axial feed axis are all employs HEIDENHAIN’s coder and grating scale to improve measuring accuracy.
2. High precision rolling support
The spindle of grinding wheel selects IBC’s angular contact ball bearing with supporting mode of 2 in front and 2 in the rear. The bearing is single matched with spindle precisely, which has high accuracy and high rigidity.
The spindle of workpiece selects IBC’s angular contact ball bearing with supporting mode of 3 in front and 2 in the rear. The bearing is single matched with spindle precisely and can undertake heavy workpiece weight, which has high accuracy and high rigidity.
The linear moving axes adopt linear linkage mechanism of servo motor and ball screw, the ball screw supports select 60ºangular contact ball bearing of IBC, which makes the feeding system of the machine feature high rigidity and high sensitivity, and guarantees machining accuracy and grinding uniformity of one batch of workpieces.
3. Grinding wheel driving and generating gear by grinding
Grinding wheel driving employs spindle motor driving designed by ourselves, which simplifies the structure of the machine and raises the rigidity of grinding wheel spindle. The speeds of grinding wheel and workpiece spindle are 3000rpm and 140rpm respectively, which increases continuous generating speed greatly to further improve grinding efficiency of the machine. For small module (m≤0.8) gear, selection of appropriate grinding wheel can directly grinding gear blank into high accuracy involute gear.  
4. Dressing unit of grinding wheel and dressing roller
One set of on-line dressing unit of grinding wheel is installed on the wheelhead of the machine. For different modular gear, dressing can be realized through replacing change gear. Dismountable diamond wheel dresser is furnished on the dressing bracket, double cone diamond wheels dress two flanks of worm grinding wheel in one set-up. A diamond point can be fitted on the dresser used for dressing the external surface of grinding wheel.
5. Filtering and cooling device
The machine employs grinding oil as coolant. Centrifuge filter guarantees cleanliness of grinding oil, and the temperature control device with refrigeration action ensures constant temperature of grinding oil and hydraulic oil, stability of the machine is obtained improvement.
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