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A grinding worm meshes with the teeth of a workpiece, continuously generating. By intensive developing the designing and manufacturing techniques formed for long years, the machine is gained the excellent features in functions.Unique structure design: The machine is designed with high rigidity, high sensitivity and matched inertia. By the careful layout of each moving and transmissive parts, various transmissive clearances are stictly eliminated, which makes sure the stability of transmissions.
8-axis, simultaneous 5-axis CNC technology. The wheel rotating axis(B), the workpiece rotationg axis(C), the workpiece's radial feeding axis(X), the workpiece's tangential feeding axis(Y) and the workpiece's axial moving axis can carry out grinding simultaneously, The wheel rotating axis(B) and the wheel's axial dressing axis(V) can dress helix angle simultaneously.
  Automatic CNC dressing of grinding wheel: Worn worm grinding wheel cna automatically be dressed by CNC, Which improves greatly the working effciency and automatic level of the machine.
Excellent allxillary functions: The machine uses electrostatic oil-fog collection, large flow cooling device, centrifugal separator and temperature control for hydraulic oil and coolingoil. The grinding wheel is equipped with on line dynamic balancer.


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