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 The machine consists of frame, extruder, controllable die head, moulding machine, blow unit, mechanical hand, electric, hydraulic and pneumatic systems and automatic loading machine mainly. It is suitable for producing blow containers made of common PE and heavy molecular weight PE.
Specifications and parameters of it are as follows:
Screw diameter: 75mm, screw length to diameter ratio (L/D) =28/1.
Material: high-grade nitrided steel 38CrMoAlA is selected as the material of the screw and surface nitriding treatment.
Cylinder: high-grade nitrided steel 38CrMoAlA is selected as the material of the cylinder and inner surface nitriding treatment.
Driving type: driven by Z4 motor, controllable silicon for stepless regulating speed.
Driving power: 45KW; (55KW)
Screw speed: 6-65r/min
Plasticizing capacity: ≥120Kg/h (HDPE particle)
Temperature control: imported automatic temperature controller is employed.
Heating method: cast aluminium heating are employed.
Heating power of each zone: 4.5KW.
Heating zone: 4 zones
Cooling method: wind cooling of cylinder, water cooling for feeding zone.
Ⅱ.Accumulator head:
Accumulator cylinder capacity: 5L
Max. injection weight per time: 3.75Kg ( calculated according to raw material).
Heating method: ceramic heating ring is used.
Heating zone: 4 zones
Temperature control: automatic temperature controller is employed.
Die dimensions:φ110-φ200mm, a set of die provided with machine.
Radial adjustment amount of die: 2.5mm
Wall thickness control: 64 points wall thickness controlling system has the feedback function of actual curve of wall thickness, which makes adjustment very easy.
Ⅲ.Clamping unit:
Type: The structure with 3 platens 3 pulling rods helps to load and unload mould.
Platen dimensions: 800mm×900mm
Distance between platens: 400mm-1100mm
Clamping force: 220KN
Rapid mould opening/closing speed: ≥100mm/s
Slow mould opening/closing speed: ≤ 30mm/s
Ⅳ.Blow unit:
It has functions of extension and contraction, expansive and bottom blow, of which it may be equipped according to blowing process of every product. (User can select and equip with bottom blow device additionally according to using conditions.)
Extending and contracting stroke: 160mm
Adjustable height of bottom blow: 180mm
Ⅴ.Mechanical hand:
It has functions of advance and retreat, clamping and releasing.
Clamping diameter: φ220mm
 Advance and retreat stroke: 950mm
Ⅵ. Frame:
It has function of rising and falling.
Stroke of rising and falling: 300mm
Ⅶ. Hydraulic system:
The system adopts hydraulic servo controlling unit, the key elements are all imported products such as pilot valve, main oil pump etc., which features stable run, reliable functions, exact actions, long service life and quick response.
The working pressure of main hydraulic system: 14Mpa.
The working pressure of hydraulic servo system: 14Mpa.
Ⅷ. Controlling system:
Electric controlling system adopts imported strong function PLC to control the whole machine’s action program and 64 controlling points for axial wall thickness. The feel-type display can realize whole machine communication, set and modify data and display the picture. The processing data can be set and modified on feel-type screen. It has good function of diagnosing trouble and visualized picture operating. Temperature control employs imported temperature control meter.
The extruder motor is driven by DC motor with speed regulator, which has features constant torque output at low speed and reliable performance at low speed.
 A key technology of the equipment’s electric system is 64 points axial wall thickness controlling system, which integrated wall thickness control with action order control to realize the features of even control of wall thickness and stable performance.
 The system can mainly realize the following functions:
1. Real time controlling actions of the machine.
2. 64 points axial parison wall thickness control.
3. 8 points temperature control.
4. Regulating speed of extruder motor is smooth and stable.
5. Auto-alarming under the conditions of overtime and not reaching the correct position.
6. Multiple-function selections to meet the requirement of products with different structure.
7. Real time displaying the current working procedure.
8. Real time displaying the trouble and alarming information.
9. The system is automatically reset before the circular action begins.
10. Manually set the varied conditions to ensure safety.
11. Temperature setting may be executed.
12. The data is modified directly on the screen.
Ⅸ. Energy configuration:
Capacity of total power: 110KVA
Motor power of extruder: 45KW (55KW)
Motor power of main hydraulic oil tank: 22KW
Motor power of servo oil tank: 5.5KW
Heating power of extruder: 18KW
Heating power of accumulator head: 19.5KW
Consume of compressed air: (0.3-0.7)×30(Mpa·m3/h)
Consume of cooling water: 0.3×20×15(Mpa·℃·m3/h)
Ⅹ. Overall dimensions (L×W×H)=579cm×338cm×412cm, which are dimensions of packing box of machine, packed by separated parts.
ⅩⅠ. Total weight is about 22 ton.



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